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Jello Wrestling No Chill Jello



Our new revolutionary jello formula does not need refrigeration and sets up within seconds using tap water from a garden hose even in temperatures as high as 120 degrees. Our Jello Wrestling Jello can be made just minutes before an event and will stay set through your entire event. Not only are you purchasing gelatin that is almost instant, but it is also non-staining, non-toxic and bio degradable.

Each 5 lbs. bag makes 25 gallons of Jello!

Important Note:
Although Jello Wrestling Jello is non-toxic, we do not recommend eating it as it is not edible.

Package Type
One (Five Pound Bag)

Total Weight (lbs)

Red Raspberry
Lime Green

Why You Should Considering Purchasing Jello Wrestling Jello
Ordinary store bought jello takes hours to make. Between boiling several gallons of water and the fact that you have to refrigerate the jello for hours to get the temperature down to 40 degrees for it to settle, it is just not worth it. If you do not use a Jello Wrestling Jello it will begin breaking down within 20 minutes of jello wrestling due to body heat and outdoor temperature. You will have a huge pool of jello liquid which will cut your jello wrestling event short.